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Tesla finally posts parts catalogs for general public

by Justin King

The company still does not provide service manuals and other documentation in most states that do not legally require access.

Tesla has finally published a series of parts catalogs for the Model 3, S, X and Roadster.

The company has been criticized by owners, rebuilders and independent repair shops for restricting access to basic information such as parts diagrams and service manuals. Adding to the frustration, the company has reportedly suffered service backlogs and parts shortages as it dealt with initial Model S/X production and later focused on ramping up factory output of the Model 3.

Massachusetts in 2012 passed a "Right to Repair" ballot measure that legally requires automakers to share vehicle diagnostic and repair information. Many other automakers have decided to provide the same resources to residents of other states. Tesla has mostly remained an exception, however.

Tesla president Jon McLeill last year hinted that Tesla was warming to the idea of providing broader access to parts and service information, though he did not nail down a specific time frame.

For early adopters, the Roadster has been out of warranty for several years and even the first run of Model S sedans has already exceeded its included four-year coverage. The company will presumably face increasing pressure to support independent service as the fleet continues to age.

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