Install a Mac in your car for high-tech entertainment, nav

A French Macintosh user, Elie, has managed to connect an Apple PowerBook G4 to the navigation/display system in his Audi A6. With the assistance of an Audi technician, Elie wired the computer into the navigation system's hidden AV inputs. According to the report, it was necessary to dismount all the audio and navigation components in the trunk and to find the connectors. Elie installed Apple's Front Row multimedia selection software on the computer, which turns out to be ideal for use in a car. The PowerBook solution, according to the French language report, was only temporary, and will eventually be replaced with a Mac mini. (The original article, in French, can be found here). In related news, A Japanese company is now offering a Mac mini mounting solution that makes it easy to install the machine in your car. The company has posted several sample installations on its website. Recently, we reported on one user's installation of a Mac mini with Front Row in a Ford F-150. Read on for pictures of the Audi installation...

From MacBidouille.