Jeremy Clarkson criticized for Nazi salute

TopGear's Jeremy Clarkson has got himself in some trouble with Germans and Britons alike after he gave the Heil Hitler salute on screen and made mocking references to the Nazis and the Second World War. Clarkson was talking about Mini, a British brand now owned by Germany's BMW. After hearing that the Mini had been designed with built-in teaspoons and teabags to give it a British touch, he suggested it be recreated as a "quintessentially" German car. "Give it trafficators that go like that," he said, lifting his arm up and down Nazi-style to mime old-fashioned car indicators. Then, mocking the Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939, he said: "A satellite navigation system that only goes to Poland." And finally, in a reference to Hitler's boast that his Third Reich would last ten centuries, he added in a mock-German accent: "And a fan belt that lasts for a thousand years." Clarkson, known for his often comedic commentary, is no stranger to controversial topics. In a recent review of the Audi RS4, he told the winners of a bet not to "waste the 10 quid on crystal meth."?