Top luxury-sport sedans compared: A6 on top

Money magazine takes a look at the top "luxury sport sedans" in a brief five-way comparison. "These days a terrific new four-door sedan can be had for about $20,000," writes Lawrence Ulrich. "A sedan that costs more than $40,000 had better do more than go from point A to point B." So what do these cars offer? Luxury, performance, and prestige, of course. Ulrich compares these cars using a 10-point scale to gauge performance, value, luxury, and design, for a maximum total of 40 points. In last place is the Acura RL with 25 points, followed by the Lexus GS with 27, BMW 5-series with 31, Infiniti M35/M45 with 33, and Audi A6 with 36. "The A6 isn't as thrillingly sporty as the BMW or Infiniti, but for the money, it still proves to be the most complete luxury car," writes Ulrich.