VW gives frustrated Touareg owners airline vouchers

Trying to get an automaker to fix a buggy vehicle can be a frustrating and unpleasant task. But Volkswagen is trying to break the stereotype by sending airline vouchers to several U.S. Touareg owners as reimbursement for difficulties they experienced with the vehicles. VW insists most Touaregs should be issue-free, but a handful of owners had more than their fair share of problems with the 4x4. To help make up for this, VW of America handed out round-trip airline tickets to several major European cities to affected customers. The customers have the choice of going Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid or other popular destinations. "Please know that we take pride in the performance of our vehicles and will do whatever it takes to make what's wrong right," the company told its customers in a letter. [Thanks to Jason for the tip!]