Students tell GM: advertise on MySpace, Facebook

General Motors turned to 32 college students to come up with the best campaign to promote the new Chevy Aveo, which debuts this summer for just $9,890 -- the cheapest new car in America. The students had just one hour to come up with an idea, and 5 minutes to present it, according to the Detroit News. All of the student groups raved about Facebook.com and MySpace.com -- two wildly popular online community sites that, incidentally, have recently been trying to decide how best to implement advertising to target youths. One group recommended a contest where teens would create videos to promote the Aveo, and the winners would get a free car. Another recommendation was an Aveo Web site with a customizing area where potential buyers could modify and personalize their dream Aveo, and then send a link to the car to a friend. Will this sort of "grapevine" marketing work to lure in young customers?