Toyota gets on the E85 bandwagon

Toyota plans to sell ethanol-powered cars in the United States by 2008, according to a report Tuesday by the Financial Times. The vehicles will run on up to 85 percent ethanol, or regular gasoline, the report said. Toyota has reportedly avoided ethanol technology because of the corrosive effects it has on internal components of the engine. However, the automaker has since developed parts that will make this a non-issue. Ford and GM have been big proponents of Ethanol, each releasing numerous concept cars that run on the fuel. GM has shown three Saab ethanol concepts, including the Aero-X, 9-5 BioPower, and the 9-3 Convertible. Ford recently announced the Ford Escape Hybrid E85. In an interview last month, Bob Lutz said GM thinks ethanol makes more sense than "all the hybrids in the world."