Spied: four-door Mini

The next generation Mini Cooper is widely expected to come in standard-length (R56) and extended-wheelbase (R55) variants. What's not so clear is how many doors the long-wheelbase edition will have. Recent reports have suggested that the stretched Cooper could get two additional doors a la RX-8. These 'suicide doors' would provide easier access to the back seats -- something that should help sell the mini to more families. A new set of spy photos from Autobild show that something is definitely going on around the doors, but we're still not entirely convinced. (Front View, Side View, Rear Angle, Rear View). The vehicle appears to have a b-pillar, which makes such doors almost impossible in this situation. The pillar could be part of the car's camo, but that leaves an awfully large area without any structural support -- not a good thing for a car that already has an "acceptable" side impact rating.