(Updated) Zagato's new Ferrari 575 GTZ

(Updated again. Official gallery added.). Coachbuilder Zagato has released two images of the Ferrari 575 GTZ, based on the 575 Maranello. The car is being built for Yoshiyuki Hayashi, a famous Japanese car collector, who owns several Ferraris such as the 166MM, the 250 Spider California, two Daytonas - a coupé and a spider - and the Enzo. When Zagato received a request from Mr. Hayashi, it informed Ferrari of the project. Ferrari thought it would be a good opportunity to celebrate the 250 GTZ's anniversary. The two companies then created a car that harked back to the 250, and built it around the Ferrari 575. Like the 250 GTZ, it sports two-tone paintwork with styling cues and volumes that recall the 1950s. The 575 GTZ also has an all-aluminium body.