Koenigsegg CCX: It's no Veyron, but that's what makes it special

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson got behind the wheel of the new Koenigsegg CCX for a review in Britain's Sunday Times. With between 800 and 900 horsepower and a top speed of 250 mph, the CCX very much in the same league as the Bugatti Veyron. Well, "Sort of," says Clarkson. While the two cars may have similar output, acceleration, and top speed numbers, they are very different animals. The Bugatti is heavy, stable, and monstrously powerful. The CCX, on the other hand, is lighter, quirkier, and a little more rough around the edges. While the Veyron feels relatively controlled at 250 mph, Clarkson wasn't so comfortable with the CCX. After one frightening high-speed experience with the car, Clarkson "didn't dare head for the 200mph marker again." There's no question that the CCX is an unforgiving car, he says. "Try to be cocky with this car and it'll kill you." But in the end, that's what a true supercar may be about. "Many of today's supercars feel a little bit sanitised, a little bit smooth," writes Clarkson. "The Koenigsegg is not." See the full review here and our report on the CCX here.