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Camaro driven: "Build it."

by Nick Aziz

Yesterday, we highlighted a photo gallery from Detroit Free Press columnist Mark Phelan's test drive of the Chevrolet Camaro Concept. Today, the newspaper published the full review with Phelan's thoughts on the car after a 40 minute drive. There's also a two minute video of the car in action. "Build it," writes Phelan. "That's all I can say after 40 minutes driving the ravishing Chevrolet Camaro concept car around General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford. The head-turning new sport coupe can't hit the road soon enough." He praised the perfectly tuned exhaust rumble, solid feel, and exterior design of the car. As we suspected, however, a "handle-with-care" mandate accompanied the test drive. Because the vehicle is a show car and not an actual prototype, we suspect a few doughnuts could result in reshaped chassis.