Call for performance mod ban after deadly accident

A deadly high-speed accident involving a (possibly) modified Honda Civic has some politicians in Toronto are calling for a ban on performance modifications for automobiles. While the Toronto Star article on the incident doesn't specify exactly what type of modifications are being targeted, nitrous oxide is likely first on the hit list. Wheels columnist Jim Kenzie rightly asks, "if some 18-year-old "” more likely, Mommy and Daddy "” buys a Porsche 911 Turbo, that's okay? [...] But if said 18-year-old buys a Civic and makes it as fast as a 911 Turbo, that isn't okay?" Kenzie also points to the unfair ways law enforcement targets car enthusiasts. "Another example of the hypocrisy surrounding this issue occurs whenever enthusiasts organize track days so fellow car nuts can test their cars' performance to the limit, in safety," he writes. "You can almost guarantee that local cops will be stationed at every entrance and exit to the track, hassling the competitors for having blue windshield washer nozzles."