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More photos, details on Shelby GT350-H Hertz Mustang

by Nick Aziz

Photographer Devin Comiskey snapped some shots last week of a shipment of Shelby GT350-H Mustangs leaving the Shelby Autos facility in Last Vegas, NV. Comiskey reports that reps at Shelby told him the cars will be available for rent for $300/day plus $50/day insurance. Customers will be allowed 100 miles per day, and charged $0.25 per mile over that limit. Other security measures have reportedly been installed to prevent tampering with the engine and other components. In the 1970s, people were known to swap engines in and out of GT350 rentals, as well as weld roll cages to the chassis. The cars will see between 16,000 and 18,000 "rental" miles before they are sent back to Ford for distribution to selected dealers to sell to the general public. Like the original GT350-H, they post-rental vehicles are likely to sell for top dollar. Image gallery after the jump...