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2007 Lotus Elise S

by Nick Aziz

Lotus today announced the 2007 Lotus Elise S -- an entry-level model positioned below the popular 192 hp Elise R. Lotus has shoehorned in a high technology 1.8-litre 134 hp Variable Valve Timing Toyota engine, which is good for a 0-60 mph time of under six seconds. Maximum power output is achieved at near maximum revs of 6,200 rpm and maximum torque (a respectable 172 Nm, 127 lb.ft) is reached at 4,200 rpm. This gives a good combination of mid range pull but also encourages the driver to rev the engine to the maximum permitted engine speed of 6,800 rpm. A bright red LED "change-up light" tells the driver when to change gear, the point of illumination from the "red-line" variable and dependent on the gear selected. There are no plans to launch the Elise S in the U.S. market due to government regulations. It will be available in the U.K. for 23,995 including VAT. It will also be available in mainland Europe and in Japan. Since the Elise S costs just 85% of the Elise R, it would cost around $36,000 if sold in the U.S. Gallery after the jump...