Videos: "Ghost riding the whip" becomes "dangerous teen car craze"

Ghost riding -- leaving your car in motion while getting out to dance -- is "quickly becoming the latest craze among some members of the hip hop culture," reports Canada's CTV. The report says the practice was popularized in the song "Tell me when to go" by California rapper E-40, and is now reaching epidemic levels. The popular rapper chants "Ghost ride the whip," and most of the videos posted online of ghost riding are accompanied by the song. "We wouldn't have done it without the song. If you don't play that song you are not a ghost rider," said Jonathan Lovecchio. "Ghost riding was started not to see people succeed, but to see people fail," Lovecchio said. "They want to see people run into trees, run over their foot." Some videos of "ghost riding" are available after the jump for your entertainment...