Bob "Like A Rock" Seger no Chevy driver

Rocker Bob Seger may have helped save Chevrolet sales by licensing his "Like A Rock" song to General Motors in 1990, but today he's anything but a Chevy man. Seger told Reuters he most enjoys driving around town in his Porsche Boxster or his Nissan pickup truck. He also owns a Ford Mustang convertible and a rarely driven Ford GT supercar. As for Chevys? "I don't have any of them anymore," he said. "Not one, no." On his first studio album in 11 years ("Face the Promise"), Seger even speaks out about global warming and light trucks. He is also said to be a supporter of Al Gore's global-warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth." He says he may get a Smart ForTwo when DaimlerChrysler begins offering the vehicles in 2008.