Are women the driving force behind car sales?

While women may, on average, be much less interested in cars than men, they are the ones who often making buying decisions, according to Marti Barletta of TrendSight Group. "The problem is, many companies following the reasoning that the people who seem most outwardly interested in cars "” men "” are also the primary buyers," writes Barletta. "Not so. Best Buy was one of the first corporations to uncover this insight when an in-store study found that, although the majority of shoppers in its stores were indeed men, the majority of buyers were women. Men, who are fundamentally more fascinated with electronics and gadgets, like to come in and browse for what's new (emphasis on browse). Women came in less frequently by comparison, but when they came, they were ready to purchase." According to Barletta, 60% of the new car purchases are made by women, and they are influential in 85% of buying decisions overall.