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BMW unveils production hydrogen combustion car

by Nick Aziz

BMW today unveiled the Hydrogen 7, a production-ready version of the 7-Series sedan. The car is powered by a 260 hp twelve-cylinder hydrogen combustion engine and accelerates from 0-62 mph in 9.5 seconds. Top speed is limited electronically to 143 mph. The vehicle runs on liquid hydrogen and, when needed, the dual-mode power unit switches over to conventional premium gasoline. The car is one of the first hydrogen combustion cars, and most certainly the first production-ready one. The cruising range in the hydrogen mode is more than 125 miles, with another 300 miles in the gasoline mode. If there was no gasoline storage, hydrogen mode range could be significantly greater. The car will be built in a limited series in Europe and driven in the U.S. and other countries by selected users in 2007. Previous rumors have indicated the general public might have a chance to buy the vehicle in two years. Given the car's ability to run on gasoline, it could go on sale immediately without requiring an existing infrastructure. Extensive photos and video after the jump...