Saturn dealers inflate Sky pricing by as much as $8,000

Despite Saturn's reputation for no-dicker sticker pricing, some dealerships are selling the popular Saturn Sky roadster for $8,000 above MSRP, according to an investigation by Automotive News. While such high markups are in the minority, a much larger number of dealers are selling the Sky for $3,000 over sticker -- a large number when bas pricing is supposed to start at $25,195. Saturn spokesman Brian Brockman said the company is trying to encourage dealers to sell cars at MSRP. "We don't condone any kind of practice like that," he said. Brockman said possible repercussions for offending dealers include limiting the dealer's allotment of the popular car. In May, GM "banned" its Saturn dealers from placing markups on the $27,895 Saturn Sky Redline. While it's not clear if the ban is being upheld, such a policy would strangely place the Redline in line with the Sky's typical selling price.