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Video: Lexus' automatic parking tested on live TV

by Nick Aziz

CNBC's Phil LeBeau had the chance to test Lexus' automatic parking system on live television last week. Toyota let LeBeau test the "parking assistance" feature in a real-world setting in Dearborn, Michigan. The system appears to work quite effectively, with the ending position only slightly out of line from the other vehicles. The Leftlane Perspective: Oddly, the car doesn't seem to straighten its wheels after moving into position, nor does it nudge forward slightly after pulling in. It's also unclear if the camera/sensor system can be used to get out of the parking space as easily as in. Lastly, we wonder if encouraging drivers to park in an abnormally small space is really so wise. Will other drivers be able to get our of their spaces when your Lexus is tightly wedged in front of their car? Have a look at the video after the jump...