Brabus builds police-issue CLS Rocket

Every few months, a tuner or automaker comes up with a new ultra-powerful police car for a lucky law enforcement agency to drive at high speed while enforcing the laws of the land. We've seen a Lamborghini police car, but a Gallardo is hardly a practical law enforcement vehicle.

That's why Germany's Brabus and teamed up with the "Tune It Safe" program to build a police versrion of the "Brabus Rocket" souped up Mercedes CLS. The V12 four-door has been described as the fastest "sedan" in the world, capable of reaching 62 mph in four seconds thanks to an amazing 730 horsepower.

Generally, police cars like these -- capable of 225.19 mph -- don't make a lot of sense, but Germany's unlimited speed highways mean the cops might actually be able to enforce laws without simultaneously breaking other ones. The car is on display at the Essen Motor Show this month. Gallery after the jump...