Bugatti: "there will be another car"

Despite recent concern over the company's future, Bugatti president Thomas Bscher insists the show will go on. "There will be another car," Bscher said in an interview with The Car Connection.

Bugatti will first build a number of low-volume variants based on the Veyron, which itself is limited to a production run of just 300 units. The company is already believed to be working on a Targa version of Veyron, which would sell for a reported $1.9 million.

Later, Bugatti could move somewhat downmarket, according to Bscher. As previously noted, there is concern within the VW group about how a vehicle priced below $300,000 might impact Bentley and Lamborghini, but cars above the price point are hard to make at a profit. VW shareholder Porsche is said to be pressuring Volkswagen to keep Bugatti out of its territory. It's unclear how or when VW, Porsche, and Bugatti will come to a consensus, but we'll keep you posted.