Chevrolet Monte Carlo production to end

General Motors has confirmed production of its Monte Carlo coupe will end early this summer. The last orders will be taken in early May, and assembly at Canada's Oshawa plant will stop on June 20th.

Thanks to a model update and new V8 engine, sales of the front-wheel-drive Monte Carlo were up slightly in 2006, but fell significantly early this year (down 60 percent in January). GM expects the 2008 Malibu to cut into potential Monte Carlo sales further, making now a good time to axe the coupe.

While GM hasn't commented on the future of the nameplate, product chief Bob Lutz said in March GM's new rear-wheel-drive Zeta platform would be used for a new Monte Carlo, along with the upcoming Camaro, Impala, GTO, and Buick Statesman (now believed to be on hold). At the time, Lutz also said a new El Camino was possible -- a proposal that is gaining steam, according to recent reports.