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Porsche to offer hybrid Panamera?

by ndhapple

Porsche's Panamera sedan will be offered with three different gasoline engines ranging from 400 to 500 horsepower. None of this should come as a surprise, but the German automaker has another trick up its sleeve -- a hybrid powertrain, says the U.K.'s Car magazine.

Geared toward green motoring enthusiasts, the car will be equipped with a V6 putting out 300 hp, the report says. Other engine choices will include the 4.8L V8 engine found in the Cayenne -- which puts out 400 hp with 415 lb/ft of torque -- and a turbo version of that motor which is expected to deliver 500 horsepower.

The hybrid version will also offer the unique ability to accelerate quickly thanks to an additional 100 hp available in short spurts.

Porsche is also expected to an all-wheel-drive option for the car. While the gasoline Panamera is expected to arrive in 2009, the hybrid version will be a 2011 model, the report claims.