GM unveils new Chevy Volt concept

In Shanghai Friday, General Motors unveiled its second Volt concept car. Showing the versitility of GM's E-Flex fuel system, this Volt concept is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell instead of a gasoline motor.

The car is capable of traveling about 300 miles of combined fuel cell and battery driving, producing no emissions, GM claims. This version of the Volt features a battery pack that is about half the size of the one shown in the gasoline powered Volt. The fifth generation of GM's hybrid system is also have the size of the one featured in its predecessor, the Chevy Sequel but still offers the same performance and range as its predecessor.

The E-Flex system was first unveiled at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show and was equipped as a gasoline powered serial hybrid which would have been capable of obtaining gas mileage of more than 150 miles per gallon.