Volkswagen won't bring Scirocco to U.S.

Volkswagen won't sell its Scirocco hatchback in the United States, despite the popularity of the original coupe in America. VW isn't willing to risk cannibalizing sales of the GTI, says Adrian Hallmark, executive vice president of Volkswagen of America.

"It is economically suicidal for us to risk the sales volume and the potential for GTI," Hallmark told Automotive News. "We don't want it," Hallmark said of the Scirocco.

The Scirocco will have the same engine, chassis, and suspension as the GTI. It will be based closely on the Iroc Concept, which debuted in August 2006.

The market for hatchbacks isn't large enough in the United States to support another model. "The coupe/hatchback market is so small that having six different coupes and hatchbacks would be crazy," Hallmark said.