Ferrari waiting list now 24 to 36 months

The standard wait time for a new Ferrari has crept past the two year mark, according to a new report in the Wall Street Journal. In some cases, that figure is as high as three years.

Even with output at an all-time-high of 5,700 cars in 2006, supply can't match demand. A few years ago, chairman Luca Cordero di Montezemolo famously said Ferrari would never sell more than 5,000 cars a year. The company has since passed that milestone, but it has done nothing to meet the increase in demand from the Middle East and Asia.

As Ferrari dealer Michael Mastrangelo explained to the Journal, by the time a customer receives his or her car, a new or updated model has already been introduced -- a frustrating scenario to say the least. Mastrangelo said his customers wait an average of three years. And when those cars do arrive, a price above MSRP is a safe bet.

"It's very hard to come into a dealership right now and put in a new order if you are not already a customer," Mastrangelo said. "When I get a young person, what I say is, let's start with a used car."