Call causes cell phone ban senator to crash SUV

A California state senator who voted to ban cell phone usage while driving crashed her SUV late last week while reaching for a ringing cell phone, the Marin Independent Journal has reported.

California senator Carole Migden rear-ended a 2005 Honda sedan that stopped at a red light, according to the California Highway Patrol. The driver of the Honda suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital.

Migden was uninjured and no charges were laid since the accident was relatively minor. She was driving a state-issued 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV.

KCRA reports police received complaints from half a dozen motorists about Migden's erratic driving just prior to the crash.

"We have drivers calling from apparently down in Berkeley all the way up to where she crashed," CHP Officer Marvin Williford said Tuesday. "Her driving was just erratic.

Two of the witnesses who called 911 said Migden grazed a the concrete barrier, several miles before her accident.

"Based on her (Migden's) statement and the damage to her car, we know that she hit something. We're trying to determine where she hit it," Williford said.