Brad Pitt drives BMW Hydrogen 7

Actor Brad Pitt arrived in a BMW Hydrogen 7 to the Warner Bros. premiere of the film "Ocean's 13" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre yesterday in Hollywood, California.

The Hydrogen 7 is a production-ready prototype unveiled by BMW last year. Unlike many hydrogen-powered cars, the H7 does not use fuel cells and electric motors, but instead burns hydrogen in a typical internal combustion fashion.

BMW has apparently come through on its promise of building a limited number of Hydrogen 7s for use by celebrities and government officials.

The cruising range in the hydrogen mode is more than 125 miles, with another 300 miles in the gasoline mode. If there was no gasoline storage, hydrogen mode range could be significantly greater.

Although the H7 could be produced in a few years, the lack of a hydrogen infrastructure means most people probably won't get their hands on one for quite some time.