Chinese sedan flunks German crash test (with video)

Jiangling Motor's Landwind X6 SUV made headlines in 2005 when it received a score of zero in a German crash test. If the results of crash tests conducted this week by Germany's ADAC are any indication, Chinese automakers haven't made much progress when it comes to safety.

The Brilliance BS6 sedan scored one out of a possible five stars. "The BS6 sedan performed almost as badly as the Landwind," ADAC spokesman Maximilian Maurer told the AFP.

"After Landwind's 2005 test result, it stopped being sold in Europe," he said. The BS6 could face the same fate.

The ADAC said a person would probably not survive a crash in the BS6 at 64 km/h.

For comparison purposes, below is a video of BMW's 3-Series undergoing a similar test: