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Sept. intro for Minis with stop-start feature

by Andrew Ganz

The Mini Cooper will receive a Bosch-developed stop-start feature for manual transmission gas and diesel versions beginning in September. The Minis will also feature a regenerative braking to go along with the stop-start feature.

Automotive News Europe reports that the feature will significantly reduce emissions for both gas and diesel variants. In fact, CO2 emissions on the diesel will drop to 104g/km, exactly the same as the Toyota Prius. The system is designed to turn the engine off when the car is at a stand-still and the clutch is not engaged.

Mini's parent company, BMW, is expected to introduce stop-start and regenerative braking for the 3-Series at the Frankfurt auto show this fall. BMW currently offers the regenerative braking in certain markets on the 5-Series, called Brake Energy Regeneration in BMW-speak. The German automaker will soon launch the system on its 1-Series and 3-Series cars.

Brake Energy Regeneration recharges the battery with otherwise wasted braking kinetic energy. The system is designed to reduce battery's strain on the engine and to reduce fuel consumption.

No word yet on stop-start Minis for the U.S., but we can't imagine they won't make it over here.