Baby Hummer H4 coming soon

Despite numerous rumors on the contrary, Hummer recently announced to its dealers that it will be introducing a new, smaller model designed to compete against the Jeep Wrangler. Hummer executives refer to the vehicle as the HX, although it's expected that the vehicle will actually be called the H4 to fit better with Hummer's current H2-H3-H? naming scheme.

Martin Walsh, Hummer's General Manager, told dealers at the annual Hummer All-Dealer meeting in California that the small Hummer will arrive in dealerships in 2010 or '11. The vehicle will first be previewed as the Hummer HX concept car. A few select dealers were invited to see the concept car, which is a thinly veiled version of the production car.

Hummerguy.net, an enthusiast website, reports that the smallest Hummer concept will be a two-door with removable doors, fender flares and roof panels, much like the Wrangler. The roof panels will be individually removable, a feature first offered on the '07 Wrangler.

Unfortunately, GM hasn't released photos of the new H4. We're told that the front end is distinctly Hummer in appearance, despite the Jeep-esque features.