Spied: Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit VI

Spies have caught the next-generation Volkswagen Golf/Rabbit in testing. Both the two- and four-door versions were photographed.

Although sales of the new 2007 model Rabbit just recently started here in the United States, European sales of the Golf have apparently been lagging, and manufacturing time is nearly twice as long as other cars in its class.

Recent reports suggest orders from management are to simplify and shorten the assembly process, and produce the next "generation" on the current but updated platform - with, of course, considerable cost-cutting savings. And, in the process, giving it a more exciting and slightly more aggressive look.

Sources close to Volkswagen believe the next generation Golf will reach European dealerships in late 2008, or 2009 - but American's will have to wait a bit longer to purchase what will commonly be known nearly everywhere as the Golf VI.