Mercedes to move R-Class down-market

After Mercedes sold only 18,168 examples of its R-Class in 2007, even after dropping the base price by $5,000, Mercedes will take the R-Class down-market for 2008. The entry level model for next year, the R350, will be powered by a V6 and will not come with all-wheel drive to keep the base price under $43,000. Other R-Class models will retain standard AWD.

Mercedes has also decided to drop the $80,000 AMG R63 from the R-Class line. However, all 2008 R-Class models will wear the same body cladding and 18 inch wheels of the 2007 AMG model, just without the performance modifications. The most expensive R-Class offered for 2008 will be the R320 CDI at just over $46,000.