BMW announces iPhone support for European vehicles

BMW has announced that it will add iPhone support to its European range of vehicles. The iPhone support technology will be available in all Minis and BMW's 1, 3, 5 and 6-series, as well as the X5. The iPhone support is already available on BMW's U.S. vehicles. Apple's iPhone is set to hit select European markets later this month.

BMW was the first automaker to announce a fully integrated system for Apple's brand-new iPhone.

"In 2004, BMW was the first to integrate the iPod into BMW vehicles and have customers take full control of their music on the road. So it seemed only logical that BMW be among the first to ensure iPhone owners have the same ability to enjoy their music, plus the added benefits of Bluetooth hands-free calling across our model line," said a company spokesperson.

Initially, BMW only offered integration for U.S. models, but with increased international sales of the iPhone, BMW will continue to extend the technology across to other markets. BMW will debut its European iPhone-equipped vehicles at the Frankfurt Auto show on September 13.