Nissan takes pre-orders for GT-R

Nissan dealerships in Japan began taking pre-orders for the upcoming GT-R sports car yesterday. Buyers will be able to place their pre-orders up until the car's October 28th unveiling at the Tokyo Motor Show. However, anyone who signs to take delivery of the car must do so, no order cancellations will be allowed.

The GT-R is available in three different variants. The standard model is rated at 480 horsepower and starts at $57,000 with the up-level V-Spec raising the price to $67,000. The GT-R EVO-Spec -- which has 530 horsepower and sheds 200 pounds -- retails for $94,000. Buyers will begin to take delivery of their cars starting in December.

There has been no word from Nissan if the GT-R's warranty will be voided if it is sold within the first year it is titled.