BMW cancels R-Class fighter; explains Progressive Activity Sedan

BMW's minivan-like R-Class competitor has been scrapped, according to CEO Norbert Reithofer. After twelve months of intense discussion, the company "decided it does not fit BMW's image," Reithofer said. Instead, it will pursue a "Progressive Activity Sedan."

Reithofer made the announcement during his speech on the automaker's strategy for the next five to ten years. As reported earlier, he also revealed plans for a production version of the CS concept, plus new MINI and Rolls-Royce models.

Announced in 2005, the "Space-Function Concept" was intended to rival the Mercedes R-Class as a minivan-SUV crossover. The plans were first disclosed at the Geneva auto show that year.

Incidentally, Leftlane uncovered a BMW trademark for the term "Progressive Activity Sedan" (PAS) just a few days before Reithofer's speech.

He said a concept bearing that name will focus on efficient packaging and high levels of functionality. "Expect this concept to introduce its own interpretation of the sedan and to surprise you with intelligent features," Reithofer said.

With this in mind, it's clear recent spy photos show a prototype Progressive Activity Sedan rather than the so-called "V-Series" Space-Function Concept.