[pricing update] 2008 Honda Mugen Civic Si

Honda's Mugen line of factory-installed performance products is more than well-known to Honda enthusiasts in North America, but cars equipped with Mugen goodies haven't been sold here until now. Starting later this month, Honda will sell the track-tested Mugen Civic Si.

The Mugen model differs in that it sits 0.6 inches lower to the ground on a tightened up suspension, has unique 18 inch forged aluminum wheels, a unique aero bodykit and sports exhaust system.

The Mugen models will be available exclusively in Fiji Blue Pearl. Inside, a Mugen Limited Edition badge and an exclusive gear knob will separate it from other Civic Si models.

Underhood, the Mugen is identical to other Civic Si models. The Mugen will be limited to 1,000 examples and will be priced from $29,500, not including taxes and destination charges.