Future Alfa Romeo models to switch to rear-wheel drive

Alfa Romeo will transition its current lineup from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive in order to better compete with German marques, a new report finds. Alfa Romeo hasn't produced a rear-wheel drive car since its 75 sedan and Spider in the early 1990s, but will launch the RWD 8C Competizione sports coupe next year.

According to Renzo Barbirato, Alfa Romeo's marketing manager, the 8C is just the first of many rear-wheel drive vehicles to come from the Italian automaker. Alfa Romeo's flagship -- the 169 sedan -- will debut at the end of 2009 with RWD, with several other Alfa Romeo models to follow. Barbirato said the only Alfa Romeo model that will not make the switch to rear-wheel drive is the entry-level Junior due to cost concerns.

Alfa is also considering offering high-performance all-wheel drive models in the future, the first of which could be the 159 GTA sedan.