VW delays Jetta TDI launch

Volkswagen has delayed the launch of its Jetta Clean Diesel TDI, a new report finds. Originally scheduled to bow in the spring of 2008, the Jetta TDI's launch has been delayed to at least the summer of 2008. The delay is said to be due to a "technical issue that was found during the later stages of durability testing."

The news was delivered via email from VW to its dealers.

The Jetta TDI delay could mean a delay for diesels in general. With most Americans not completely sold on the benefits of diesels -- mostly due to preconceived notions about dirty diesels from the past -- an inexpensive clean diesel from VW could go a long way in changing perception. Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz became the first major automaker to offer a 50-state legal diesel that complied with stricter regulations set forth by the California Air Resource Board.