Official: New Acura NSX to launch in 2010

When Honda revealed its Advanced Sports Car Concept, the automaker said the vehicle was a direct preview of its next-generation NSX and the production car would make its debut at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. Then word came that the project had been delayed and the Tokyo show came and went without any sign of a new supercar from Acura.

But it appears as if the NSX project is back on track as American Honda President and CEO Tetsuo Iwamura has announced that the next NSX will be launched in the U.S. in 2010. Honda will also be launching the Acura brand in Japan around the same time, but the automaker says it will launch the NSX in the U.S. market first. It remains unclear if the NSX will be launched under the Honda or Acura brand.

Rumor has it Honda designers were forced to go back to the drawing board after the Advanced Sports Car Concept received mixed reviews at best. It's not known if the changed also contributed to the delay. So far, only rudimentary test mules have been photographed by spies.