Nissan trying to stop illegal GT-R importing

The Nissan GT-R is currently on sale in Japan, but won't launch in other parts of the world until March 2008. Apparently, some European customers can't wait three months to get their hands on Nissan's newest supercar so several business have been importing JDM GT-Rs for sale in the European Economic Area (EEA).

But Nissan claims that importing the JDM GT-Rs -- which voids the car's warranty -- actually infringes on the company's trademark rights and is threatening legal action. Nissan's other concern is that dealers in Europe are not yet equipped to service the GT-R. "Nissan's number one priority is to ensure that the GT-R and its dealer network are in optimal condition to facilitate and support our customers. It will take until start of sales in March 2009 to do this. Until that time the UK will have no GT-R trained technicians, no established GT-R parts supply and, most crucial of all, the GT-R will not be covered by a manufacturer's warranty," Nissan said.