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Ford changes TwinForce name to EcoBoost

by Drew Johnson

Last month it was reported that Ford would likely drop the name TwinForce from its new line of engines, and today the Detroit automaker officially changed the nameplate to EcoBoost. The TwinForce name first appeared on Ford's Lincoln MKR concept car and was intended to convey the power of a V8 but the fuel economy of a V6. However, Ford was concerned that consumers would only see TwinForce name as an increase in power, completely overlooking its fuel-economy attributes.

TwinForce "was a good thought, but we're trying to make it more understandable for customers and make sure they understand this is a substantial fuel-economy benefit," Derrick Kuzak, group vice president-global product development, told WardsAuto. "We're not sure TwinForce gave that impression."

The new line of engines is expected to debut in the flagship Lincoln MKS, which is slated to hit the market next year. An EcoBoost four-cylinder engine also powers the recently unveiled Ford Explorer America concept.

According to Ford, EcoBoost will pay for itself with fuel saving in three years. In comparison, it takes about seven years for a diesel to pay for itself in fuel-savings and eleven years for a hybrid.