Jaguar to produce Porsche 911-fighter?

It appears as though Jaguar's pending sale to Tata Motors hasn't slowed the luxury marque a bit. Jaguar is currently in the process of launching its all-new XF flagship sedan and, according to a new report, is in the process of developing an all-new coupe to compete with the Porsche 911.

Jaguar has produced some legendary sports cars in the past -- including C and E-Types -- and the company's 2000 debut of the F-Type Concept proved that Jaguar engineers and designer were still dreaming of producing track-worthy vehicles. Despite the rave reviews the F-Type Concept received -- it was earmarked as a legitimate contender to the Porsche Boxster -- Jaguar never moved ahead with the project.

Jaguar's XK is the company's lone sports car, although it's widely considered closer to a GT rather than a true sports car.

According to The Sun, the new model -- which could wear the F-Type nameplate -- would use a shortened version of the XJ's all-aluminum chassis, giving the car a lightweight foundation. No engines have been nominated for duty, but Jag's 4.2L V8 seems like a likely candidate.

Although Jaguar is in a transition right now, the F-Type seems like it has a better chance of being produce now. In 2000, Ford still owned Aston Martin and was concerned a performance Jaguar could impede on Aston's market share.