Report: Jaguar mulling two-door XF, four-door XK, F-Type

As reported late last month, Jaguar is considering building a Porsche-rivalling sports car in the coming years -- this is no secret, as it has been widely reported in the British media. Today, rumors broke about two other new Jaguar models: a two-door version of the XF, and a more shocking four-door version of the Jaguar XK.

Well-placed sources reportedly say the British automaker presented the ideas to India's Tata Motors, which is likely to acquire Jaguar from Ford this year. None of the cars have final approval, but they're all possibilities.

The two-door XF is somewhat of a no-brainer. Jaguar could easily built a coupe version of the new XF sedan, and probably will. According to U.K. trade publication Just-Auto, the XF Coupe would look very similar to the XF Sedan, albeit with two less doors and a roof-line that sits two inches lower.

While several publications have speculated about an XF Convertible, sources now claim that idea has been shelved, due to the engineering complexity of such a project.

While the XF has been billed as a competitor to the "four-door-coupe" Mercedes CLS-Class, Jaguar might take that sedan-coupe concept to a new extreme. According to the report, the automaker is considering creating a four-door version of its XK sports car. The stretched XK would be smaller than a CLS, offering relatively minimal rear legroom and storage space. Nonetheless, it would command a high price tag.

Lastly, as previously noted, Jaguar is looking at building a competitor to the Porsche 911. The puristic sports car could wear the F-Type badge, but Jaguar appears to be switching to a lineup of models starting with "X," so we wouldn't be surprised to see a different nameplate.

According to this latest report, the Porsche-fighter is Jaguar's top priority, and is the most likely to receive funding.