Nissan exec confirms Infiniti GT-R under consideration

Nearly two years ago, when it was revealed the GT-R would be badged as a Nissan rather than an Infiniti, there was a great deal of disappointment among badge conscious shoppers, Infiniti dealers, and fans of the luxury brand. Luckily, Infiniti might get its own version of the GT-R after all, a company executive has said.

Nissan design director Shiro Nakamura told the U.K.'s Car magazine, "an Infiniti version is a future possibility." This marks the first time anyone from Nissan has mentioned the prospect of an Infiniti GT-R.

Nakamura said he has not yet done a design study for such a vehicle, but "we are thinking about it." Clearly, the vehicle would not be a simple re-badge job, but rather a model with a unique exterior and interior built atop the same mechanical underpinnings.