Chevy Volt hybrid to see limited production in first year

It sounds like GM's earlier plans to sell 60,000 of its electric car, the Volt, will not be coming to fruition, at least in the car's initial year of production, according to GM's vice-chariman and product chief Bob Lutz.

"Volt will be about 10,000 units the first year, just to make sure we're prepared for any issues that might come up, and then ramp up production from there," Lutz told the Globe and Mail, citing significant development issues inherent in bringing new technology to mass production. This sentiment also applies to GM's other E-Flex plug-in electric hybrids.

In comparison, the Toyota Prius gasoline-electric hybrid, which is not a plug-in, launched with a 15,000 unit per year production run.

The Volt is expected to be capable of a range of 40 miles on electricity alone, with a gasoline engine in place for any extra driving.