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Pininfarina releases images of Sintesi concept

by Drew Johnson

Pininfarina -- the go-to design house for Ferrari and others -- has released an image of its concept set to bow at the Geneva Motor Show last month. Dubbed the Sintesi, the show car will not only be stylish but will also showcase some new active safety systems.

"This concept car is the synthesis of our values, of the love for our work and our passion for innovation, of beauty driven by functionality, of sportiness and elegance. However, Sintesi isn't only the expression of Pininfarina design; it also embraces innovative technologies that allow us to explore new typologies of mobility, active safety and packaging solutions" said Lowie Vermeersch, the lead designer of the project.

One of the technologies the Sintesi concept will debut is a system Pininfarina calls Clancast. The Clancast system talks with other cars on the road to communicate traffic patterns, eliminating the need for traffic lights and other street signs.

From the sketches released earlier this year, we can also infer that the car will use a hydrogen fuel-cell and will have seating for four.

The show car was penned under Lowie Vermeersch -- the company's head of design -- and is the first concept Pininfarina has shown in three years.

Check back for more images and details after the Sintesi's official unveiling in March.