Illustrated: Pontiac G8 Coupe

Yesterday evening, we brought you the first ever images of Holden's new Coupe 60 concept car -- essentially a two-door version of the Commodore. Holden is GM's Australian subsidiary, and the Commodore is currently sold in America as the Pontiac G8. So what might a Pontiac G8 coupe look like if produced? A heck of a lot like the Coupe 60 concept, of course.

Following yesterday's debut, our artists put together two illustrations of how a Pontiac version of the car might look.

GM has said it has no plans for a new Pontiac Firebird muscle car to complement the new Camaro, but company PR man Jim R. Hopson recently said the automaker is considering offering a rear-wheel-drive Pontiac coupe nonetheless.

If the Firebird name is out of the question, the next logical choice would be GTO. Unfortunately, many enthusiasts feel that name has been damaged in recent years due to the lackluster design of the previous GTO.

What's more, the last GTO was a low-volume vehicle with a powerful V8 engine only. GM likely wants its next Pontiac coupe to be higher volume and available with a V6, which makes the GTO name seem even less likely.

All of this leads us to believe the next rear-drive Pontiac coupe will simply be called G8 Coupe, following the naming scheme of the G6 sedan, coupe, and convertible.

Holden says it hasn't yet decided if the Coupe 60 will go into production, but sources say it's a very strong possibility. Exporting a Pontiac variant to the United States would be easy and very cost effective. Given the popularity of the G8 sedan, it would also be a smart move.