Tata considers acquiring stake in Ferrari

Ratan Tata, the Indian businessman who's been making lots of headlines now. He also sits on Fiat's board and has an alliance with Fiat in India as well as with the Benetton group and furniture maker Poltrona Fraum, according to Italy's Finanza e Mercati daily. Fiat owns 85 percent of Ferrari, with an option to buy another 5 percent by the end of July.

"I have two passions in my life: cars and aircraft. I've always dreamed of being a fighter pilot and I confirm the desire to participate as a shareholder in Ferrari," Tata said in an interview in Italy's L'Espresso weekly.

In another statement, Tata says the Ferrari chief piqued his curiosity, as Tata believes the two share a vision and make similar purchases, most likely not referring to everyday items.